Three top tips for using the public bus service

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Libertas Bus

Now unless you are one of the very small minority who have driven you car to Dubrovnik then you’ll probably going to need to use the public bus service at some point during your stay. The public bus service is operated by the public company “Libertas” and is the only bus service in the city. Their buses are all painted bright orange with the Libertas logo on them, so there are hard to miss. Buses are generally very clean and the fleet in very new, most of them have air-conditioning as well, so your journey will be comfortable. Here are three top tips when using the bus service in the Dubrovnik region:

1 – Buying your ticket

Buying a ticketWe all like to save a little money and this first tip will help you do just that. If you buy a ticket on the bus, from the bus driver, the standard price is 15 Kunas. A couple of things to bear in mind, firstly you probably need to have the right change and secondly that, and in fact all, tickets are valid for one hour from the time that you validate them. Now if you purchase your bus ticket before you get on the bus it will cost you 12 Kunas, a saving of three Kunas per ticket. You can buy tickets from hotel receptions, kiosks, tourist agencies and various other outlets. When you get on the bus you simply validate the ticket in the automated machine and you have an hour’s use.

2 – What happened to the queue?

Time to form a lineAt any and all bus stops the theory of queuing can basically be thrown out the window. If you were expecting people to line up and form an organised queue then think again. Many times at the more busy bus stops the “queue” resembles a rugby scrum, with arms and legs going everywhere. And even if you go out of your way to actually start and form a line forget it passengers will simply push in front of you. If you want to get onboard the bus first then my advice is to wait exactly by the bus stop sign and hold your ground. The buses tend to stop with their front doors right by the bus stop sign.

3 – Timing is vital

Bus mapThe timetable system is a little more complicated than you’re probably used to. Firstly you can find a bus timetable at all bus stops, online (, at most hotel receptions and in the tourist board offices. All buses have a starting and stopping point, these are usually at two different ends of the city, and the timetables are organised around these two points. This means that unless you catch the bus from the starting/stopping point then you won’t have an exact time of the bus. It’s a question of roughly judging how long one bus will take to get from point A to your stop and waiting. OK, I know it’s a little bit “hit and miss” but there is no other way, fortunately the local city buses are very regular so if you miss one you’ll only have to wait a while for the next.

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  1. Roger Bayliss February 4, 2014 at 12:30 pm · Reply

    Hi there

    I am visiting Dubrovnik in May. My next stop is Podgorica in Montenegro. I am having difficulty finding a us service. Can you help a confused Aussie.


  2. Mary Davis September 20, 2014 at 6:58 am · Reply

    All the tips mentioned above are quite useful. We should always be mindful of these things while traveling by bus. Timing is the most significant one. Otherwise, you might need to wait for a longer period.

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