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OG K-Pop Stars That Are Back In The Spotlight Many Thanks To Viral Resurfaced Video Clips

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The charm of K-pop lies in the reality that it goes beyond time. No matter the design and also concept, lots of K-pop jams resurface a few years later on and go viral (once more), promptly placing their performers back in the video game. Great songs is constantly appreciated, no matter the idol generation. 2. 3. 5. 6. Which OG idol captured your interest with their viral resurfacing video?

The beauty of K-pop depend on the truth that it transcends time. Despite the design and also concept, numerous K-pop jams resurface a couple of years later on and also go viral (once more), instantaneously putting their performers back in the video game. Good songs is always appreciated, regardless of the idol generation.

Fact is, these idols have always been around developing fantastic songs and revitalizing the legacy they have built all these years. Let’s take a look at some of these veteran musicians as well as the hits that put them back on the map!

1. Rainfall

Rainfall is a walking tale whose songs has touched all idolizer generations that followed him. After his track “GANG,” which was launched three years ago, developed into a movement/meme, H1GHR MUSIC artists Jay Park, HAON, pH-1, as well as Sik-K put a spin on it in a remix partnership with Rainfall himself. To the idol’s surprise, the collective track struck No. 1 on realtime charts only five hours after its launch.

View both the original and the remix MVs down below!

2. 2PM Every so often, old jams resurface unexpectedly. For 2PM, it’s their title track “My House”which was released 5 years earlier. The video of the tune suddenly saw a rise of views. Also much better, JYP Home entertainment caught wind of the scenario and also blessed followers by publishing a reward concert video clip of 2PM carrying out”

My Residence”that occurred prior to the members ‘enlistments. If you haven’t seen the outstanding visual storyline of “My Home,” now is the time to catch up!

3. U-KISS U-KISS has actually guest-starred on MMTG’s” Human being Express,”which is a talk show on YouTube that hosts idolizers to talk about their music. The host addressed among the team’s live efficiencies where the music began before the participants got involved in setting for”0330. “This finished in Soohyun kneeling and reaching his highest possible notes to distract from the recurring incident. Naturally, this incident made their video go viral amongst K-pop fans

. 4. ZE: A”Results” by ZE: A is one more track to catch K-pop fans ‘focus eight years after its official release. Throughout his appearance on”Radio Star,”Kwanghee shared his complication regarding the track all of a sudden obtaining this amount of attention and located it strange that the public is interested in it nowadays. He additionally wanted the song was discovered in the past when the group was actively making music.

5. Teen Top Being one of the other highlighted teams on MMTG, Teenager Top took the target market on a stroll down memory lane, and they came back from it with a restored interest from new followers after they executed several of

their previous tunes, consisting of” Say goodbye to Fragrance On You. “Check this real-time efficiency hinting back to Teen Top’s earlier days. 6. Yang Joon Il This entrance is generally a blast from the past. Yang Joon Il is an Oriental American singer-songwriter that went back on the radar nearly three decades later on after his debut efficiency of”Rebecca” went viral on YouTube. With over four million views (since composing this short article), Yang Joon Il was reestablished with the variety program “Sugar Guy,” leaving the panelists and also the audience in awe.

Which OG idolizer caught your focus with their viral resurfacing video clip? Allow us understand in the comments below.

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, author, as well as Hallyu fanatic.

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